Port Wieck on the Darß

Located directly on the Bodden, Wieck has a rest area for water hikers with 18 berths.

The small marina has a water depth of about 1.4 m, has modern sanitary facilities, barbecue area and a swimming area. A trip with a Zeesboot across the Bodden is certainly one of the vacation experiences of a special kind.

A trip with a historical Zeesboot always belongs to the vacation experiences of the special kind. Skipper Martin Rurik heads for the idyllic harbor of Wieck every year from April to October.

From here he sails with his guests across the Bodtstedter or Saaler Bodden. These sailing tours of varying lengths are very beautiful and wonderfully relaxing - you simply leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind you. The fellow sailors also learn a lot of interesting facts - among other things about how such boats are maintained, how fishing was done on the shallow Bodden at that time and about the people who lived in this stretch of land.

Martin Rurik has four historic Zeesboote: the "Bernstein" (FZ 104), the "Martha" (FZ 68), the "Marie Luise" (FZ 52) and the "Charlotte" (FZ 66). These boats of different sizes were built from 1903 to 1950 and restored from the year 2000.

With the "Bernstein" we still "gezeest" once a year - that means traditional fishing.

The sailing tours are a weather-dependent affair: sometimes tours have to be cancelled or the departure times are postponed. Therefore, registration by phone is required.

Contact and further information:
Harbour master Mr. Martin Rurik
At the harbor Wieck, Bauernreihe
+49 (0)174/4421750

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Details at a glance

Hafen Wieck

Bauernreihe 4a
18375 Wieck

Telephone: +49 (0)174/4421750


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Meeting point harbor with Stefan Keil
at 07.08.2024
Hafen Wieck am Darß, Bauernreihe 4a, 18375 Wieck

Meeting point harbor with Stefan Keil

He is regarded as one of the best of his kind, and even on the face of it there is no denying the musicalidentification figure Neil Young cannot be denied with Stefan Keil.
Meeting point harbor with Ignaz Netzer
at 28.08.2024
Hafen Wieck am Darß, Bauernreihe 4a, 18375 Wieck

Meeting point harbor with Ignaz Netzer

Ignaz Netzer, winner of the German Blues Award, comes to Wieck a. Darß