Dog beach "Yellow shore" Graal-Müritz

Dog beach "Yellow shore" Graal-Müritz

For dog owners and their four-legged friends, Graal-Müritz is a popular vacation spot. The Baltic beaches and the extensive coastal protection forest are a true paradise for both. To make you feel comfortable, we set up dog beaches during the season (01 May to 30 September), where you can enjoy the beach and the Baltic Sea together with your dog. The beach sections are designated in Graal, Mitte and Müritz-Ost. Since the sections change from time to time, please keep an eye out for the signs at the beach entrances!
From October to April you are allowed to take your dog to the beach everywhere in Graal-Müritz.

For a harmonious coexistence and out of consideration for other guests, especially children, please keep your dogs on a leash in the entire local area, including on the beach and on the bike and hiking paths!
Boxes with dog bags are available at numerous places in Graal-Müritz.

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