Artistry House Lisa

Artistry House Lisa

The artistry house Lisa is an old cottage designed in the Hundertwasser style, which devotes itself primarily to artwork made by female artists. Female artists are often underrepresented and we are trying to provide a special place for female artists.

In the artistry house there are two ateliers and one showroom, it also includes a holiday flat, which is rented to female artists. Each year there are be multiple exhibits. Our season starts with the annual art festival “Kunst:Offen” at Whitsun and last way into autumn. During the year we offer arts-seminar for women. This year it:

Mosaic art
Clay design
Aquarelle art
Oil painting
Draw with nature

We also give female artists the opportunity to present their artworks, especially those artists who struggle to find ateliers that are willing to exhibit their work.

We are also active in the field of literature, where we offered an award for women’s literature in 2014.

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Kunsthaus Lisa

Pappelweg 22
18337 Neu Guthendorf

Telephone: +49 38224 80429