World Oceans Day

An event organized by Interessengemeinschaft Hohes Ufer e. V. on the topic of coastal protection

The UN proclaimed June 8 as "World Oceans Day" in 2008 with the aim of drawing attention to their threat and importance. This day originated at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro on June 8, 1992. The Interessengemeinschaft Hohes Ufer (IG) e. V. has also been working on this topic since June 2022. The aim of the IG is to raise awareness of this issue among as broad a section of the population as possible. On 08.06.2022, a memorial fire (fire bowl) was lit for the first time on the Hohe Ufer. The association gave speeches pointing out the simultaneous threat to the cliffs. The reason for this: an increase in storms, favored by the rise in sea level, including the Baltic Sea. A corona-related and very limited preparation phase reached too few citizens in 2022. Ultimately, the first event was a success, as the press and private television stations provided extensive coverage. In 2023, it was possible to approach the public much earlier, resulting in five times the number of visitors.

The Hohes Ufer e. V. interest group was formed in June 2014 from the initiative of March 2012, with membership fees and donations quickly making the association operational. The 395th member was registered in November 2023. This means that the association, which is committed to preserving and slowing down the demolition of the riverbank, will have been in existence for a proud 10 years next June.

Despite the state government's rejection of the construction of breakwaters or groynes, there is a reason to celebrate. The association can look back on 10 years of various meetings in ministries and associations, multiple visits by Environment Minister Backhaus and countless other institutions.

What will the event on 08.06.2024 look like? This June evening will not only focus on a highly interesting and scientific lecture event by Dr. Tim Hoffmann, Ecological Institute Bützow, it will also be a meeting place on the shore in Niehagen and the interest group wants to additionally enrich the local projects of the communities of Wustrow and Ahrenshoop as an association contribution.

There will be a two-hour musical accompaniment with the choir "De Fischlänner Seelüd" and the artists "Matrosen in Lederhosen", both of whom will provide entertainment and dancing on site. There will also be a catering service.


Steilufer zwischen Ahrenshoop und Wustrow
18347 Ahrenshoop


Interessengemeinschsft (IG) Hohes Ufer e.V.
Erne-Wehnert-Weg 5
18347 Ahrenshoop

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