"Fairy Tasifan" - play for children

A colorful fairytale spectacle to play along to from the KIECK Theater in Weimar

Fairy Tasifan - children's play
KIECK Theater from Weimar
Wednesday, July 24, 2024, 3 p.m.
Graal-Müritz, concert pavilion in the Rhododendron Park
for children from 4 to 10 years

Fairy Tasifan is bored, her fairy tale characters are on vacation and have left her alone. Only the suitcase with the costumes has stayed behind.
The fairy godmother is out and about with a feather duster so that everything doesn't get dusty. But alas, she realizes that she can't remember the beginning of the fairy tale. Will she now become a cleaning fairy?
Who will help her tell her favorite fairy tale and, above all, play it? Maybe the children? Of course! The costumes and roles are already assigned and now it's time to get started!
A colorful fairy tale spectacle to play along with.

Cornelia Thiele and Thomas Kieck have been presenting events under the name KIECK Theater since 1991. They can look back on over 2500 performances to date.
For adults, they present literary-musical programs that combine acting, pantomime and music.
Cornelia Thiele, alias Clown Conny or Fairy Tasifan, performs the children's programs alone. And the children are always important characters who are allowed to use their imagination and playfulness to help drive the story forward.

Once you've been to the KIECK Theater, you'll want to come back!

Admission prices

  • Prices for adults: € 6,- / person
  • Guest card holders: € 5,- / person
  • Children up to 16 years: € 3,- / person

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