Sounds of the nature on the high banks

At sunset, experience classical and world music in harmony with nature against the backdrop of the steep bank between Ahrenshoop and Wustrow.

The hosts Ulrike Mai and Lutz Gerlach will once again be presenting a whole host of premieres at this year's final concert in the "Naturklänge" concert series. For the first time, an alphorn will sound on the 17.9-metre-high Bakelberg and for the first time, the ensemble will consist of an equal number of trained musicians, half of whom also play classical music and jazz, half on woodwind instruments and half on brass instruments. The musicians come from four different countries: Johanna Järemo (alto saxophone, voc.) from Sweden, Anja Schiebold (tenor saxophone), Donat Kubrinski (trumpet) from Poland and Rob Gutowski (trombone, voc & alphorn) from the USA. In addition to the obligatory Bolero by Ravel at sunset, jazz standards and Swedish folk songs will also be played. The lyrics of the title song read like the script for this concert: Evening rise, Spirit come, Sun goes down when the Day is done, Mother Earth awaken me, with the Heartbeat of the Sea.

The final Naturklänge concert takes place every year on the steep bank between the Baltic resorts of Ahrenshoop and Wustrow. The musical sounds in front of the setting sun in the sea create an incredibly romantic atmosphere, which has made the concert a cult event in recent years.

We will provide you with further information on the final concert of the Naturklängereihe in Ahrenshoop here in good time.

Please note:
The venue on the steep bank can only be reached on foot or by bicycle.
Disabled parking spaces are available directly at the venue and can be reached via the Niehagen parking lot. Please follow the signs.
Dogs and bicycles are not permitted on the concert grounds.


Steilufer zwischen Ahrenshoop und Wustrow
18347 Ahrenshoop


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