Open-air museum Klockenhagen

The open-air museum Klockenhagen is a historical village in a village, because on five hectares of parkland there are typical Mecklenburg farmhouses, barns, windmills and a village church.

The museum courtyard pours on the charme of the rural Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Here in Klockenhagen you can experience different farmhouses and architectural styles from the 17th to the early 20th century. You and your family get to know the old Mecklenburg and Pomerania - as it once was.

In addition to thatched hall houses, farm houses, bakery, fire engine house and half-timbered church, the last surviving post mill of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is also represented. We keep traditional domestic animals such as Angeln Saddleback pig, Pomeranian Coarsewool sheep and various feathered animals. In the buildings we have tried to bring the interior fittings from old times including furniture, rural tools and traditional technology into the present day - to look, to marvel and to touch.


"We are a living museum. For children there are varied activities and a lot of animals to discover." (MFried Krüger)

  • Baking
  • Herb tours in the farm garden
  • Smoking of fish
  • Wool room
  • Wheelwright / green wood workshop
  • The barber is coming
  • Home economics as it used to be

Our rural store in the open-air museum Klockenhagen offers great products:

  • Sea buckthorn products
  • Hand-crafted goods
  • Artisan craftwork
  • Pottery
  • Enamel ware
  • Bakery

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Details at a glance

Freilichtmuseum Klockenhagen

Mecklenburger Straße 57
18311 Ribnitz-Damgarten

Telephone: +49 3821 2775
Fax: +49 3821 707775


Open-air museum Klockenhagen


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Nude & Landscape by Klaus Ender (AFIAP)
at 31.10.2023
Freilichtmuseum Klockenhagen, Mecklenburger Straße 57, 18311 Ribnitz-Damgarten

Nude & Landscape by Klaus Ender (AFIAP)

Black and white exhibition of aesthetic nude photographs from over 50 years of creative period. The pictures are exchanged every 7 to 8 weeks.
Klaus Ender: "Nude and Landscape" (Exhibition)
from 23.09.2023 to 31.10.2023
Freilichtmuseum Klockenhagen, Mecklenburger Straße 57, 18311 Ribnitz-Damgarten

Klaus Ender: "Nude and Landscape" (Exhibition)

Klaus Ender is one of the most important nude photographers of our time. He created aesthetic images with high artistic standards. They illustrate the charisma of this photographer, who went his very own way - from passionate photo amateur to fine artist...