North Pomerania stud farm

One of the largest rearing and training studs in Germany and one of the best school horse farms in the region, offering lessons for all ages and levels, combined with guided trail rides. Individual support according to problem areas. Riding badge seminars and examinations.

Riding vacation - active and relaxing! No matter whether you have always wanted to ride, or whether you have long been a "pro", we have offers for you for a varied active vacation. These offers range from lessons for absolute beginners to challenging cross-country rides on our extensive trails.

Especially in the low season a ride in our beautiful surroundings or on the beach becomes a unique experience. The arrangement of the school horses is done in consultation and according to the ability of the riders. It has happened several times that the harmony between rider and horse led to a change of ownership and we had to train a new school horse from our herd. You can also bring your own horse and place it with us with complete care. For guest horses we have 3 x 4 m boxes with straw or shavings for 20 € or 25 € per day or part thereof. Fodder is given after arrangement. In addition, there is a guest horse pasture for grazing (5 € per day) and a paddock, which can also be used by arrangement. If you wish, corrective riding of your horse is also possible during your vacation stay. If you are still looking for accommodation, we can of course help you with specific recommendations. For your arrival and departure we offer passenger and luggage transfer from the airport or train station.

Profit from our experience. We belong demonstrably to the best schooling farms in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Our stud farm has a riding hall with a riding area of 20 x 40 m (sand), a riding arena 40 x 60 m (sand) and a jumping arena (grass). On approx. 600 hectares of fields and meadows, as well as various forest paths, rides of different distances are possible. These are mainly sand or field paths. In addition, there are natural obstacles and gallop routes of any size. The riding area starts directly at the stud farm. Catering on rides as well as horse and person transfer is possible.

Riding lessons are given by specialized personnel, trainer A performance sport/horse master and trainer C performance sport/horse master. There are about 15 school horses - Shatland ponies, Dartmoor ponies, German riding ponies, New Forest, Oldenburg, Hanoverian, Mecklenburg, Holstein - with a height from 100 to 175 cm available. Guiding ponies are available for rent. The following services are offered:

  • Lunge lessons - beginners of learning to ride, balance, seat feeling and learning the basic concepts of riding, but also for special development of the correct basic seat or for individual overcoming of fears - 18 €/ unit 20 min, individual compact offer possible.
  • Individual lessons - class E to class M, dressage/ jumping/ cross-country, rider coaching according to the rider's objectives, e.g. qualified beginner jumping lessons, seat school, learning parades, "How do I tell my horse?", "My horse shies in the terrain", help with problems with the own horse from loading over rides up to the tournament start - standard unit 30 €/ 1,2 h, individual compact offer possible
  • Group lessons - versatile basic training with varied lessons under class E to class M, dressage/ jumping/ cross country - 45 min/ 20 € from 3 students, group size up to 6 students
  • Courses - riding badges 4-10, as well as the basic pass we offer regularly, outside our course offer on customer's request individually arranged courses, preparation and examination of the longeing badge, tournament preparation courses, riding by field and meadow, bambini courses for the very smallest ones.
  • trail riding - adventure tour to the Neu Wendorf manor, rides in the surroundings, seasonal - spring awakening, summer freshness, stubble ride, winter wonderland
  • basically guided rides - 600 hectares of farm land invite you to experience agriculture by horse very close and enjoy Mecklenburg-Vorpommern's horizons.

Training for the horse:

  • Training - breaking in, preparation for licensing, mare performance test, dressage, jumping up to class M, trainer C and A, Pferdewirt and Pferdewirtschaftsmeister - full riding with full board.
  • Correction of horses - trust exercises, loading training, riding, training in the field, desensitization to new situations, mediation between rider and horse - price according to expenditure.

As horse specialists with many years of professional experience, we are happy to support you. In cooperation with veterinarians, chiropractors, a healthy horse husbandry and an appropriate veterinary supervised training plan, we help you and your horse in the convalescence due to physical or traumatic, or psychologically caused abnormalities and work out with you a feasible concept to help you and your horse in the best possible way. (Price according to expenditure)

In therapeutic riding, we use Fjord horses to bring people with disabilities closer to the horse. Our employees are Pferdewirte, as well as Pferdewirtschaftsmeister and have the trainer C and A license.

In addition to breeding and raising horses, our stud farm also offers tours of the stud farm, children's birthday parties, family riding lessons and guided rides for beginners.

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