Honey and pumpkin farm Gutshaus Behrenshagen

Walking under old trees. Search for peace - feel silence - discover garden culture combined with regional products.

For several years, the Behrenshagen manor house and park have been carefully and lovingly restored by the current owners Roberto and Britta Siebenbürgen.
Visual axes were cleared again, space was created for the dendrological treasures, replacement plantings were made according to historical views, and tons of trash were disposed of.
Visibly, the house and park are once again blossoming with new life. Selected events invite people interested in culture and garden enthusiasts to stroll under old trees in Behrenshagen.

The current owners have created a habitat for 15 bee colonies through an orchard of over 40 fruit trees, a well-kept yet natural park. The farm's own beekeeping is complemented by its own cultivation of various varieties of pumpkins, most of which are not available in stores. Chickens and geese enliven the grounds as they did in earlier times.

We offer guided tours of the park by appointment from May to October.

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Gutshaus Behrenshagen, Honig- und Kürbishof

Gutshofstraße 1
18320 Behrenshagen

Telephone: +49 (0)3821 811201



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MidsummerRemise in the manor house Behrenshagen
at 23.06.2024
Honig- und Kürbishof Gutshaus Behrenshagen, Gutshofstraße 1, 18320 Behrenshagen

MidsummerRemise in the manor house Behrenshagen

The night of the Nordic manor houses and manor houses in the manor house and park Behrenshagen