Marlow local history museum

The Heimatstube in the old school from 1864 contains exhibitions of prehistory, early history and town history as well as changing special exhibitions. Guided tours of the town with visits to the church are available by appointment. There is also a library. The Heimatstube is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30 to 16:00.

The Heimatstube Marlow - A stroll through the history of our town. The topics of this exhibition are wide-ranging. In the Marlow Heimatstube there are original finds from the Stone Age to the Iron Age, as well as old seals and coats of arms. Other exhibits symbolize the era of the GDR. The exhibition covers Marlow's school and club history, reports on crafts, industry and agriculture. Visitors can browse through numerous albums and enjoy over 1000 photos. There are panels in the hallway. They show in concise form the development from the Stone Age to the first mention of the "little town of Marlow" in 1298. Interesting is also the showcase to the right of the entrance, in which the Marlow emergency money is. Special attention should be paid to the impressive model of the Marlow castle from the Slavic settlement period.

Of course, memories of lessons in the old Marlow school should not be missing in this building. A model of the former Wilhelm-Pieck-Oberschule and numerous teaching and learning materials give visitors an insight into the history of the Marlow school system. In the second room of our local history room you can get to know the typical trades of the village. The shoemaker's trade plays an important role, as Marlow was considered a shoemaker's town for a long time. With about 1,000 inhabitants, there were at times 33 shoemakers among them. With the barrel factory "Kossow & Levermann" and the dairy, the first small industrial enterprises also existed in Marlow from 1888.

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Heimatstube Marlow

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