LGM-Klanggalerie Das Ohr

A gallery for the ears with a small concert hall, music studio and visitor area

In the "gallery for the ears" music can be heard resounding in a very unusual way. The building is home to a sound studio and a concerthall with two pianos. Regularly, you can enjoy concerts given by the pianists Ulrike Mai and Lutz Gerlach (from classical music to jazz).
LGM is the abbreviation of Lutz Gerlach Music. The work of the compser is inspired by the sound of the waves and the landscape around Ahrenshoop. The LGM-Klanggalerie "Das Ohr" is also office of the record label LGM-Records.

The "Ohr" opens for events or on request.

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Details at a glance

LGM-Klanggalerie Das Ohr

Hans-Brass-Weg 2
18347 Ahrenshoop

Telephone: +49 (0)38220 66700