Riding and driving club Obermützkow e.V.

The riding and driving club Obermützkow e.V. is located near Stralsund. The non-profit association is dedicated to the training of riders and horses in the sense of health promotion and sport. Especially the popular sports and the work with children and young people have a long tradition.

The riding and driving club Obermützkow e.V. is located on an old estate near Stralsund. The facility consists of an indoor riding arena with overnight accommodations with shower, toilet and small kitchen, a riding arena, two stable buildings with group rooms and sanitary facilities. We also have a barbecue area with seating and a playground for children. In addition to the well-equipped facility, the Obermützkow Riding and Driving Club offers a wide range of riding activities, from vaulting to animal-assisted therapy, from dressage and jumping lessons to guided rides for young and old. The riding and driving club Obermützkow e.V. is certified by the German Equestrian Federation as a riding company, pension company, vacation company and as a breeding company.

  • Lungeing lessons: beginners, late and returning riders (€15, 30 min.); vaulting (€6/ 45 min.)
  • Individual lessons: dressage, jumping (classes E - L), leisure riders (20 €/ 60 min.)
  • Group lessons: dressage, jumping (classes E - L), leisure riders (up to 6 persons, 15 €/ 60 min.)
  • Children's riding vacations: max. 15 persons, day care (6-12 years, 9-16 o'clock, 21,- €), summer vacations 1 week with overnight stay on request (8-12 years, 230,- € /person), always 2 riding lessons per day, supervisor available
  • Courses: 1 x per year FN riding badge course (see announcement homepage)
  • Trail riding: Trail riding station (parking and overnight accommodations)
  • Therapeutic riding/animal-assisted therapy: ascending aids, ramp, wheelchair accessible, qualified personnel, horses, group from 5 persons, 8,- €/person (30 min.)
  • Indoor riding arena: 20 x 40 m, sandy floor, grandstand, riders' lounge, sanitary facilities
  • Riding arena: 40 x 40 m, sandy ground, jumps
  • Instruction by qualified personnel: Trainer C
  • School horses/school ponies: 18 horses, 1.15 - 1.70 m, Norwegian, Mecklenburg Warmblood, various other breeds, classes E - A, dressage, jumping, recreational riding
  • other farm animals: cats
  • guest horse stalls in stable: 5 stalls (more on request), 3, 20x3, 20m, straw or shavings, from 10 Euro/day
  • Pasture for guest horses: incl.
  • Feed for guest horses: hay, oats (as needed), self watering in the box, tub watering on pasture
  • official riding & driving paths: public paths (not marked as riding paths), from 5-20 km, 1-4 hours, meadow, sand, gravel, forest path
  • How to get there: by car via A20 & B105, by train (Martensdorf stop)

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Reit- und Fahrverein Obermützkow e.V.

Hofplatz 1
18442 Obermützkow

Telephone: +49 (0)38321 1442
Fax: +49 (0)38321 60711