Windjammer Museum Barth

A house of maritime treasures. The museum, newly founded in 2017, presents in a stylish villa from 1895, with more than 400 exhibits, probably the largest exhibition of historical ship portraits, so-called captain's pictures, and sailing ship dioramas in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The exhibits and descriptions provide an insight into the world of ship portraits as objects of maritime art and tell of the history and sailing in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

They were the pride of the seas. Their captains and crews sailed around the world and returned home with adventurous stories of distant lands from foreign cultures in their luggage. They were cargo sailing vessels, built to carry goods out into the world at speed and return to Europe with full bellies filled with goods from all over the world. After 1870, about 2000 of these proud cargo sailers were built, whose era finally ended only in the middle of the 20th century. Today, they are rarely seen in windjammer parades during the Hanse Sail in Rostock or the Kieler Woche. And they have lost none of their fascination.

The Windjammer Museum in Barth commemorates these queens of the sea, accompanied by so many stories about Cape Horn, stormy crossings and encounters with sea monsters, with a collection of captain's pictures, ship dioramas and models. The exhibition brings this great period back to life in a special and colorful way. The unique and extensive collection housed by the Windjammer Museum consists of captain's paintings and ship dioramas, as well as ship portraits and models commissioned by captains or made by seamen who once sailed on these ships. More than 400 objects invite you to immerse yourself in the great age of sailing and bring history back to life during a visit. The completely preserved house (former "Teetz'sche Villa"), located directly next to the shipyard and harbor, is one of the last buildings of its kind in Barth.

Before or after a tour of the exhibitions, the Windjammer Museum offers the opportunity to relax in the historically furnished rooms of the café with a pot of coffee or another drink of your choice.

Maritime treasures

The Windjammer Museum features a unique exhibition of maritime artifacts consisting of more than 500 historic ship portraits from the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Exhibitions on the history of sailing

Barth and Stralsund once belonged to the biggest shipping places in Germany! The current special exhibition "From Vorpommern to the World" provides information about this and many other topics. Friends and lovers of the last windjammers like "Preußen", "Pamir" or "Peking" can learn more about their great times in the current exhibition "The last queens of the sea".

Guided tours and lectures on shipping history

The regional shipping history and also the time of the last tall ships are also the main topics of the lectures and guided tours, which we are happy to organize for you on request.

Opening hours:

April - October
Tue - Sun 10 am - 6 pm

Special opening hours June - Sept.
Friday until 9 p.m.

December - March
Saturday & Sunday 11 - 17 h

Admission prices

Adults: 6,- €
Seniors: 5,- €
Students: 4,- €
Unemployed: 4,- €
Disabled persons from 50%: 4,- €
Children up to 6 years free
Children 7 - 17 years: 3,- €
Family ticket: 14,- €
Groups: 4,- € p. P.

Parking spaces

Free parking available for visitors!


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